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Bridge City Dance Project

A Modern-Fusion Dance Company

BRIDGE CITY Dance Project is a groundbreaking Modern-Fusion Dance Company located in Portland,OR. We believe that dance is a powerful and universal language that can break down barriers, heal and unify. Our goal is to promote unity with soulful and thought provoking art in dance. We strive to inspire a strong sense of consciousness between the dance community and our surrounding communities alike. Bridging dance styles and nurturing the ability to link positive change within our community is what Bridge City Dance Project is all about. 

Bridging the Gap Dance Workshop Day 2!

Day 2

Day 2 of Bridging the Gap Dance Workshop was a blast! Dancers gave it their all perfecting everything they learned yesterday and also adding on choreography for tomorrows performance. It's been amazing to see these how much they have improved in such a short amount of time! Great Job Ladies! You are all amazing! 


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